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Hidden Ohio Map and Guide

Reviews from customers

We were pleasantly surprised after receiving our "Hidden Ohio" map in the mail. The detail is amazing and the content is very thorough. Jeff Craig has created a "must have" for any paranormal researcher in Ohio and surrounding states as well. Bigfoot enthusiasts, UFO seekers, history buffs, Indian Mound lovers, and paranormal researchers will love this huge map of Ohio and its hidden treasures and well known haunts. You should buy 2, one for the car and one for your home as a reference.
- Sherri Brake; Owner/Tour Guide, Haunted Heartland Tours, www.HauntedHistory.net

It's great!! And so BIG! Who knew our G Street Park in Lorain was haunted? I gotta get an EVP meter and get down there asap!! Great map and some kind of Christmas gift . . . this is not only a wonderful history guide, but a work of art.
- Ray and Linda; Lorain, Ohio

This is an awesome map! Extremely detailed and easy to find what you are looking for. Even after writing a book about the haunted places in Ohio, I still learned new things from this map. Definitely recommended to anyone interested in all aspects of the paranormal!
- Michael Morris; Tour co-founder/co-author, Miamitown Ghost Tours, www.MiamitownGhostTours.com

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