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Home of Craig Cartography and the Hidden Ohio Map and Guide

Hidden Ohio Map and Guide is a paranormal road map pinpointing hauntings, strange creatures, UFO sightings, sacred places, old roads, and unexplained mysteries in all 88 Ohio counties. The map unfolds to a size of 38in. X 50in., perfect for framing; however, it folds into a convenient 4.5in. X 10in. for storage. The Hidden Ohio Map and Guide had been and is continuing to be distributed to bookstores, gift shops, ghost tours, and other locations throughout the state.

CelticMaps.com is the home page for Craig Cartography. Craig Cartography is a sole proprietorship run by freelance cartographer Jeff Craig in Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in custom theme maps which blend the artistic and technical methods of map-making. All of our maps are created with a common goal: to achieve accurate, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing maps. Craig Cartography provides custom mapping and graphic services to interested individuals or businesses. See our contact page to request our services and for an estimate.

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